Thinking of using web2tools for research, administration or teaching? Make a quick start with the web2practice user guides.

The web2practice guides explain how emergent web technologies like RSS, microblogging and social media can enhance your working practice.

Each guide consists of a short animated video explaining the key concepts, supported by a more in-depth printable overview of the topic, covering theĀ  potential uses, risks and how to get started. The guides and the resources used to create them can be downloaded, modified and shared under a creative commons licence.

There’s more on the ideas behind this project on the web2practice project overview


Web2practice guides have been created for the following topics:

Further topics are planned, including Social Bookmarking and Digital Identity. If there are other topics you’d like guides for, let us know.


The web2practice guides are licenced through creative commons, so you’re free to use, download and adapt them for teaching, staff development or other purposes permitted by the licence. More details are on the downloads page.

Project Team

The Web2practice team are Will Allen and Steve Boneham of JISC Netskills. The project was funded by the JISC Users & Innovation Programme.